5 Unexpected Perks Of Quitting Alcohol During Perimenopause

January 1, 2024

Dimple Sthankiya

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Hi, I'm dimple

After reading this post you will learn surprising and humorous perks that will motivate you to consider quitting alcohol during perimenopause.

Have you ever found yourself at a party, forgetting why you walked into a room, only to realize the room was the bathroom, and you’d been holding your bladder hostage for the last half an hour? Ah, the joys of perimenopause! And what about those moments when you’re eyeballs-deep in Merlot, hoping that your hot flash is just an overzealous response to the central heating?

Well, let me hit you with a novel idea, a concept so revolutionary, it’s going to make the world stop spinning on its axis for a moment: What about quitting alcohol during perimenopause? YES I am being serious.

Hear me out. Before you label me a traitor and cast me out of the society of connoisseurs du vin, let’s take a trip down sober lane and discover the unexpected perks of ditching alcohol during the perimenopausal rollercoaster.

Say Goodbye To ‘Meno-Brain’

First and foremost, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. Or rather, the foggy elephant clouding your brain. Yes, I’m talking about the notorious ‘meno-brain.’ But guess what? When you take a break from the liquid courage, you’re more likely to remember why you walked into that room! No longer will you wander aimlessly, cursing the meno-gods for playing memory hide and seek.

Cash In Your Wine Dollars, Pounds, Euros

Think about it. Every bottle of wine not consumed is a fistful of dollars, pounds or euros  saved. Can’t you hear the cha-ching? You might as well roll in your newfound wealth like Scrooge McDuck. And the best part? You can spend your windfall on something other than wrinkle cream. Take that, crow’s feet!

Dancing Queen, Young And Sweet, Only Fifty-Three

Forget the stereotypes. Being a sober Sally doesn’t mean you’re a snooze-fest. On the contrary! When you quit alcohol you’ll discover this untapped reserve of energy, the likes of which you haven’t seen since your last 90s dance party. Ready to boogie the night away sans alcohol?

The Taming Of The Hot Flush

Ever felt like a walking, talking heat map during a hot flash? With alcohol out of the equation, you can look forward to turning down the thermostat on those moments of spontaneous combustion. Trust me, it’s like having your own personal Antarctic breeze on speed dial.

Hello, Hangover-Free Haven!

Remember those times when your head felt like it was being jackhammered by an overly enthusiastic construction worker named Bob? Well, in this alcohol-free utopia, Bob’s services are no longer required. That’s right, no more hangovers, hangxiety or alconoia!

Now, isn’t this an enticing cocktail of benefits? If you’re sitting on the edge of your menopausal seat, nervously clutching your Chablis, wondering if you can really do this, just remember: it’s a personal choice. It’s about balance. And who knows? You might just find that the world looks just a little bit brighter (and less foggy) when you swap your wine glass for a zero beer.

So, if you’re navigating the choppy seas of perimenopause, consider casting your bottle of booze overboard. 

Shed The Shackles Of Anxiety And Release Your Potential

Ah, the pièce de résistance, the proverbial cherry on top of the sober sundae: saying ‘sayonara’ to anxiety and unlocking your full potential. You didn’t think I’d leave out the most pivotal benefit of this alcohol-free venture, did you?

Listen up, anxiety is like that overly critical, terribly pessimistic family member or friend we all have. She never misses an opportunity to rain on your parade, always ready to inject a dose of doom and gloom just when things are looking up. This person, let’s call her ‘Anxiety’, absolutely LOVES alcohol. Why? Because alcohol is her secret weapon, her Trojan horse. It gives her an all-access pass to wreak havoc in your life, particularly during perimenopause.

Now, I can see you furrowing your brows, sputtering into your whisky sour, “But wait a minute, my pinot is my peace potion, my chenin blanc is my chill pill!” Ah, my dear, that’s where the deception lies. You see, alcohol might seem like your knight in shimmering armor, swooping in to rescue you from the dragon of stress, but in reality, it’s just fanning the flames.

So, what happens when you kick alcohol to the curb, leaving ‘Anxiety’ without her plus-one? Aha! That’s when the magic happens. Suddenly, you’re not on this constant rollercoaster of heightened nerves and crashing lows. The fog of fret lifts, revealing a landscape of clarity you had forgotten existed.

You begin to reconnect with yourself. The chatter of self-doubt quietens, making room for confidence to bloom. You’re not constantly firefighting imaginary scenarios; instead, you’re building castles of possibilities. You realize that your potential isn’t in the distance, but waiting to burst through your set of self-imposed limitations.

Your mind, no longer held hostage by ‘Anxiety’, becomes an incubator of ideas. Your energy, no longer drained in managing the hangovers and the hot flashes, is now funneled into pursuits that fulfill you. That class you’ve always wanted to take? Done! That project you’ve been dreaming about? Initiated! That trip you’ve been postponing? Booked!

The world becomes your proverbial oyster, not a minefield of anxieties to tiptoe around. You’re not merely surviving; you’re thriving. You’re not just getting through the day; you’re painting the town red, and doing so without the need for your alcohol fuelled safety blanket!

So, this is your moment of truth. It’s time to uncork your potential, not another bottle of wine. This is the moment to trade your bar stool for the driver’s seat. It’s time to declare, “Sorry Anxiety, there’s no room for you at this party!”

In the grand scheme of life, remember, you don’t need spirits to shine; you just need space. And what better space than a clear, uncluttered, anxiety-free mind, ready to take on new challenges? Now that’s a toast worth raising a glass (alcohol free prosecco) to!

A Real-Life Perimenopause Sobriety Success Story

Sit tight, pour a glass of sparkling water, and buckle up for a tale that’s better than fiction. A story that’s as intoxicating as a New York night, sans the booze. Meet Elizabeth, a sassy forty-something Manhattanite, who swapped her wine habit for a whirlwind of accomplishments in just one year.

Elizabeth was the quintessential city girl – a high-powered marketing exec with an affinity for Manolos and Merlot. Life was an endless whirl of client meetings, deadlines, and the 6 o’clock rush to the nearest wine bar. But in the whirlwind of her fast-paced life, Elizabeth often found herself caught in the storm of perimenopausal anxiety. She started questioning if the bottle of Pinot Grigio she reached for every night was a solution or, in fact, a part of the problem.

One chilly New York evening, Elizabeth decided to cork the habit, to say ‘arrivederci’ to her vino and ‘hello’ to an alcohol-free lifestyle. She quit alcohol BOOM! As the city that never sleeps went about its business, Elizabeth embarked on her journey of sobriety. Little did she know, she was setting off a chain reaction of life-altering events.

Just three months into her newfound lifestyle, Elizabeth saw an opportunity she had previously been too anxious to grasp. Harnessing her marketing prowess and newfound clarity, she launched her own digital marketing firm. No longer tethered by the glass ceiling of her former job or the wine glass of her past, Elizabeth was calling the shots, on her terms, from her very own corner office, yes that’s right the one in her apartment, because she much prefers to WFH (work from home) vs being told when she needs to be in the office by her former boss.

Just when she thought life couldn’t get any better, the universe dealt her another card.  Elizabeth was pregnant. With her mind and body no longer encumbered by the toxic tango of alcohol, she welcomed motherhood with open arms. Nine months into her sobriety journey, she held in her arms not just her newborn, but a tangible testament to her decision to ditch the drink.


Her rollercoaster ride didn’t end there. The icing on the cake came in the form of a long-held dream. Elizabeth had always harbored a secret ambition to write a screenplay, but it had remained buried under layers of self-doubt and anxiety. Now, with the fog of fear lifted, she found herself pouring her thoughts and experiences into Final Draft.

A year on, Elizabeth is not only the CEO of a thriving digital business and the mother of a beautiful baby, but she’s also on the cusp of completing her first screenplay. All within a year of giving up her beloved Bordeaux! Quitting Alcohol has totally transformed what she was achieving in her life now!

Elizabeth’s story is a testament to the remarkable power of sobriety. It’s proof that when you shed the shackles of alcohol-induced anxiety, you unlock your true potential. It’s a reminder that you are capable of extraordinary things when you choose clarity over the comforting haze of alcohol.

So, here’s to Elizabeth, to her courage, her resilience, and her journey from wine to winning. May her story serve as an inspiration to you whilst you’re navigating the perimenopausal maze. 

I too, quit alcohol 2 years into perimenopause and I think the key to effortless sobriety lies in resolving the inner tug-of-war between your urge to stop drinking and your fear of a life less exciting without alcohol.

My Nugget of Wisdom

Taking a leaf out of Jay Shetty’s book, he emphasizes the transformative power of the mind and how we can rewire our thoughts for a more fulfilling life. I’ve adopted this philosophy wholeheartedly as I embarked on my alcohol-free journey during perimenopause.

What seemed daunting at first, surprisingly turned into a venture brimming with humor and unanticipated perks. Who knew saying “bye-bye” to bubbly would mean no more “meno-brain” moments, a heavier wallet, less worry about crow’s feet, and enough energy to boogie until dawn!

This path may not be easy, but it’s a testament to how a shift in your mindset can unveil the brighter side of things you’re hesitant to give up. Let’s toast to an alcohol-free perimenopause with a sparkling glass of vitality, shall we?

Perks Of Ditching Alcohol During Perimenopause, Are You Feeling Inspired To Give It A Go? 

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Let's              what it means to grow and mature
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