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Let’s rediscover you

Welcome to your new, comprehensive, ever-evolving wellness hub. Designed specifically for those who enjoy staying healthy, dabble in mindfulness and travel far and often, Voyage & Soap is dedicated to cutting through the noise and delivering you to your happy place.

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Mindful travel

We believe that the curiosity that drives us to find out what’s outside our front door is healthy and nourishing. That’s why we’ve curated these free wellness travel guides for six of the best destinations in the world, so that you can explore them armed with the very finest wellness recommendations known to yogi.

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Heal, reconnect, conquer.

We believe practicing mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis to be the most powerful way to heal your mind of anxiety and depression, the most effective tool with which to sharpen focus and hold yourself in the now. V&S’s founder has worked with some of the world’s most successful people, all of whom credit at least some part of their success to well-rounded mindfulness. Our 24 free downloadable audio guides can help manage stress, inspire confidence and recharge your energy levels. We’ve also designed 10 stunning visual mindfulness guides that help tune out noise and free up some head space.

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We’ve now discontinued our app and have made all our content available through the website.

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