Welcome to the gold standard of personal transformation. In this exclusive in-person 3-hour session, I guide you through a powerful process to dismantle those limiting beliefs that keep holding you back. These sessions redefine the limits of what you ever thought possible. If you're Prepared to embrace radical change then this is YOUR moment

Imagine entering a space where your deepest unspoken beliefs, thE ONES holding you back are heard, understood, and CLEARED. USING a unique blend of coaching, behavioural neuroscience, and applied kinesiology, we confront and crush your limiting beliefs


Welcome to a transformative experience like no other. Imagine stepping into a space where your deepest, often unspoken beliefs that have subtly held you back, are not just heard, but profoundly understood and addressed.

This is what our Clearing Limiting Beliefs Intensive offers – a unique blend of coaching, behavioral neuroscience, and applied kinesiology crafted to confront and crush the barriers within your mind.

FOR THREE IMMERSIVE HOURS, you'll be part of an exclusive in-person session, a journey that many clients have described as the gold standard of personal transformation. It's a voyage into the depths of your psyche, where we'll identify and dismantle those beliefs that have been silently dictating the boundaries of your potential.

These are the unseen chains that have kept you anchored, preventing you from soaring to new heights.


I partner with a SELECT FEW ONLY to ensure dedicated attention and transformative results. Connect with me today. AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED and highly sought after

Imagine beliefs as the script of an unseen narrator in the story of your life. Often, they are echoes from the past, phrases you've internalized without question. "I'm not good enough," "I can't achieve that dream," "I don't deserve success." These phrases become the theme of your inner narrative, coloring your decisions, your self-esteem, and your view of the future.

In our session, we don't just challenge these narratives, we rewrite them. Using a finely tuned approach that intertwines the latest insights from neuroscience with the intuitive power of kinesiology, we explore the intricate web of your belief system. It's a process that is as scientific as it is empathetic, designed to resonate with the uniqueness of your personal story.

The moment you step into this session, you're not just a participant, you're a pioneer of your own life. Prepared to delve into uncharted territories of your mind, where you'll discover beliefs you never knew you had. These revelations are often surprising, sometimes challenging, and always illuminating.

This isn't just about dispelling negative beliefs, it's about nurturing positive, empowering ones. Imagine fundamentally transforming your doubt into determination, your fear into fortitude. It's about sculpting a new self-image, one where you view yourself not as a victim of circumstance but as a master of your destiny.

The changes you'll experience are not superficial. They're profound, echoing through every aspect of your life. Relationships, career, personal growth - every area is touched and transformed. You'll leave the session not just with a new perspective but with a renewed sense of self, equipped with tools and strategies to maintain this growth.

So, if you're ready for radical change, if you feel the stirrings of a deeper potential within you, this is your moment. Step into this experience and emerge not just changed, but reborn, with a new narrative of empowerment and a life without limits.

At the heart of this transformative experience lies a profound truth: THE BODY NEVER LIES. While our minds can weave tales and rationalizations, our bodies hold the unvarnished truth of our experiences and beliefs. This is where the power of applied kinesiology comes into play, serving as a key tool in uncovering and ultimately freeing you from the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Kinesiology, reveals the intimate connection between physical and mental states. It taps into the body's innate wisdom, uncovering truths that lie beyond the reach of conscious thought. Through muscle testing and body responses, kinesiology bypasses the filters of the conscious mind, directly accessing the subconscious where these limiting beliefs are deeply rooted.

My approach is game-changing. It doesn't just deal with the symptoms of limiting beliefs, it dives straight to their origin. By interpreting the subtle language of the body, we can pinpoint the exact beliefs holding you back and hindering your growth. This revelation is powerful. It's not just about identifying the belief. It's about understanding its hold over you, its origin, and how it has been silently directing your life's script.

Once uncovered, these beliefs can no longer lurk in the shadows of your subconscious. They are brought into the light, where they can be examined, understood, and finally transformed. This is not a temporary fix, it's a profound and permanent release. By crushing these beliefs through the insights gained from kinesiology, you're not just altering your thought patterns, you're fundamentally changing your internal narrative.

This method ensures you break free from old patterns buried in your subconscious, setting a new course for your life. A course where you're no longer held back by unseen forces, but propelled forward by a newfound understanding of your true potential and capabilities.


These 'CLEARING' sessions are IN-PERSON only

“If you raise your standards but don't really believe you can meet them, you've already sabotaged yourself. You won't even try. You'll be lacking the sense of certainty that allows you to tap the deepest capacity that's within you. Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what's possible and impossible and what we can and can not do. They shape every action, every thought and every feeling that we experience. As a result, changing our belief systems is central to making any real and lasting change in our lives..”

the world's best known coach, author & speaker in the world of self-development

You're not looking for ordinary, run of the mill. You're here because you're ready for a seismic shift, not just a nudge. Working with me means embracing radical transformation. My track record? Turning ambitious individuals into extraordinary success stories.

And you're definitely not just looking to tick boxes or meet expectations. You're craving that deep, soul-stirring fulfillment. It's about feeling as alive and vibrant as ever, about waking up excited for what the day holds, both in your career and personal life.

Let's also get real about money and its role in your life – it's not just about having enough, it's about having more than enough. It's about feeling secure, empowered, and able to make choices without second-guessing.

Life's been a wild ride for you, hasn't it? You didn't just hop on any old path. You chose the spiritual superhighway, complete with its ups, downs, and loop-de-loops. And look at you now – wiser, tougher, unstoppable.

Along the way, you've faced hurdles, but each one has sculpted you into the wise, resilient, and unflinchingly determined person you are today.

Sure, you've tasted success in business and life, but there's a voice inside you whispering that you're destined for much, much more. Yet, there's something holding you back. Those old patterns, those outdated ways of thinking and being, they're like chains around your potential. Perhaps you're still clinging to the familiar, to a job or a life that once fit but now feels constricting.

And let's face it – old habits and outdated thinking are holding you back. You're clinging to a job or a life that's comfortable but doesn't light you up anymore. It's time for a change, and you know it.

you are looking to do big things in your life. you're looking for a life less ordinary. you aspire to be extraordinary and you can be. MIDLIFE IS YOUR MOMENT. DRIVEN AND HIGH-ACHIEVING, YOU VALUE AUTONOMY, FREEDOM, PERSONAL WELLBEING AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH. your time has come

This is where I come in. Think of me as your coach, your mentor, someone who's got your back. You need a partner who gets you, who'll push you to where you need to be.

We'll smash through your current limits, setting new, dizzying heights. This isn't about gradual change, it's about revolutionizing your entire world. 

Expect more than progress, expect a complete overhaul of what you thought possible. If you're geared up for a life that's not just improved, but spectacular in every sense, let's make it happen. Your extraordinary journey starts now. Let's unleash your full potential and watch the magic unfold.

It’s go-time. You have to honour those whispers urging you on. Signs only get louder if we ignore them. You’re called to be more, do more and yet do it in a new way. It’s time to evolve who you are in the world & step into your next level of power. Yes. Now. In Midlife. 

I'm talking about transforming your 'One Day' into 'Day One'.

Midlife is your moment. It's 'GO-TIME'

When I needed guidance for advanced leadership challenges, Dimple was my top choice as a coach. I sought her out due to her proven expertise and experience, especially during a period of intense growth in my career and my life. The results speak for themselves.  During my time as CEO, I successfully increased our company's profits fivefold within 18 months. Simultaneously, I underwent personal growth that instilled in me the confidence and mindset to embrace motherhood on my own terms.

working with dimple is one of THE BEST INVESTMENTs I'VE MADE 



It's time to end the cycle of second-guessing. Recognize your strength, it's there, pulsing beneath the surface, waiting to be unleashed. The doubts and fears that have been your unwanted companions?

It's time to leave them behind. Imagine me as your relentless ally, the one who nudges you past the endless 'what ifs' and into the realm of 'what can be'. Together, we're not just dreaming, we're making those dreams your new reality.

No more excuses, no more delays. This is where your transformation begins. Are you ready to step up?


Pause for a moment and really think. Those dreams you've been nurturing, the ambitions you've held close to your heart – what becomes of them if you remain rooted in place? The answer is simple yet harsh. They fade, they wither, untouched by the light of action. Opportunities are like shooting stars, blink, and they're gone. Your fears, those inner voices of doubt, are thieves in disguise, robbing you of a future you deserve. You stand at a pivotal crossroads in your life right now in your prime, with the clock of opportunity ticking away. It's not just time to move, it's time to leap forward. Yes, really!

Let's bust the myth right now: there is no 'perfect time'. Waiting for such a moment is like waiting for a mirage to become water, it will never happen. The only right time is the one happening right now. What's holding you back? Is it fear, uncertainty, a past failure? Identify it, stare it down, and then stride past it with confidence. Your future isn't just some distant dream. It's a reality waiting for you right now to step into and claim. The stage is set, the lights are on, and it's your cue to enter. Make your next act unforgettable.

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A Year From Now YOU
Will Have Wished YOU'd Started Today....

So let's get started!

i Found My Voice. from doubting myself to confidently stepping into the C-Suite

“Dimple turned things around for me. Working with her was a game-changer. I simply wouldn't be here in my career without her.”

Engaging with Dimple was a turning point in my career. She didn't just coach me, she changed me. Dimple saw the potential in me that I often overlooked. Before working with her I questioned every decision and second-guessed my potential. Dimple provided tailored strategies that addressed my unique challenges and with her guidance I developed the confidence and clarity to make my way into the C-suite. In our face-to-face 'Clearing' sessions, Dimple meticulously tackled my limiting beliefs, helping me navigate specific challenges like communicating more effectively, asserting my opinions in meetings, and overcoming my fears around speaking to camera and in public. These sessions were more than just coaching, they were life-changing experiences that propelled me not only up the ladder but molded me into a more impactful leader. I simply wouldn't be here in my career without her.

- Nadia, Chief People Officer


working with dimple gave me a multi-million $$$ dollar return

“My initial five-figure investment with Dimple rapidly transitioned into a multi-million dollar return.”

Partnering with Dimple was akin to receiving a blueprint for the next five years of my life and then finding myself already achieving those milestones. Dimple employs an intricate blend of strategic coaching, energy alignment, and dynamic meditation techniques. The best part? She consistently ensures I remain on the path to success. She's got my back. I think of her as the guardian angel of my ambitions.

Warning: This isn’t for the faint-hearted, I had to consistently show up for myself and do the work. This was more than just coaching, it was a transformative journey. If you’re ready to go to the next professional level then Dimple is THE mentor to get you there.

- Margaret, Wellness Entrepreneur


Camille became the soul architect of her fitness and fell in love with her body as it is 

“Dimple transformed my relationship with my body shape & fitness. Venturing into my 40s, I felt disconnected from my own body”

Venturing into my 40s, I felt disconnected from my own body, and the athletic spirit I once had seemed to fade. Dimple was recommended to me and she brought something really unique to the table. Along with her innovative neuroscience techniques and deep energy work, she addressed the specific challenges of my perimenopausal body. Together, we didn't just reshape my yoga and fitness routine, we tailored it to embrace and transform my changing physique. Now, it's about more than reps and sun salutations, it's about celebrating the synergy between my mind, body, and this particular phase of life I'm in. Dimple's approach was the game-changer I needed. She helped me reconnect, re-energize, and redefine my relationship with my body and its potential.

- Camille, Mother of three & an Artist



“Teaming up with Dimple? Best. Decision. Ever.  She wasn't afraid to give me a nudge (or a push) when I needed it.”

I had this burning idea, but every time I tried to get it out, this annoying voice kept going, "Who are you kidding?" I'd sit down to write, and boom, a million excuses.  "Too busy today," "It's not the right time," or the classic "I'm just not good enough." But you know what? I got tired of my own voice holding me back. Then, I met Dimple. She is amazing at what she does and isn't afraid to give me a nudge (or a push) when I need it. She believed in me when I was my own biggest doubter. Together, we tackled every roadblock which gave me big breakthroughs in my writing. Teaming up with Dimple? Best. Decision. Ever. And that voice that whispered "you're not good enough"? I proved it wrong. And now, my screenplay's out there, knocking on the doors of Hollywood studios. I am so glad I invested in me.

- Jo, Hollywood Screenwriter & Mother


welcome to your story

“What are the highlights in your life-changing story? Well, that's up to you. This title is in your hands.”

Don't get trapped in the 'what-ifs.' Be Bold. With the right tools and guidance you can steer your life confidently. Standstill, and watch dreams blur into regrets. Make the leap, write a better story.

'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."
The choice is yours. So what's it to be? 

You ready to level up?

- Your name, Your role


“Doubt is a killer. You just have to know who you are and what you stand for.”

American singer and actress. Often considered a Latin pop culture icon

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DEPOSIT of £3,000 + 3 monthly payments of £1,100


full payment of £6,000

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I partner with a SELECT FEW ONLY to ensure dedicated attention and transformative results. Connect with me today. AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED and highly sought after. 

DON’T STAY STUCK. Choose to boldly step forward. With these tools and guidance, you've got what you need to navigate midlife's changes confidently.

If you choose to stay stuck, imagine a life where your dreams, ambitions, and the vibrant future you envision slowly fade away, replaced by a never ending loop of what-ifs and missed opportunities. DON'T LET THAT BE YOUR STORY.

Step into your Midlife with guts, not just goals. You’ve seen the peaks and pitfalls. Now let's conquer those fears that whisper of missed chances and 'What-ifs.'

you're in the right place.

“I am interested not in those who judge others after knowing little heartache, but in the ones who have lost their entire sky and still chase after the sun.” 

- Erin Van Vuren

COACHING freebie

Get clear on WHY  you want
what you want & get unstuck


Ready to achieve your long-awaited goals? Not getting the results you want? Then don't go it alone. Use my free '7 Levels Deep Dive' Coaching tool. Understand 'Your Why' in 30 minutes & bECOME UNSTUCK.

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Honestly, I was torn about diving into coaching. Life was a mess, I was grappling with a painful divorce, health troubles, and a career that felt more like a trap than a passion. I'd heard about Dimple and her different style, melding deep energy work with brain science and psychology. She's known for helping her clients change from a deep soul place of alignment. So, I thought, "Why not?"

The difference since? Huge. Dimple's got this way of making you see things differently. Now, my career's the same, but I'm rocking it on my terms. I've got this new person in my life, and it's exciting. My whole vibe's changed, from the food on my plate to how I pep-talk myself in the mirror. I never imagined feeling this grateful. With Dimple's guidance, my midlife isn't a crisis anymore and now I've got second wind. And that initial investment? Has made its return many times over. GRATEFUL.


real results

Blake learned to lead the room and share her voice

“Dimple helped transform my silent contributions into assertive leadership. The change in me was undeniable.”

At 40-something, I was top of my game technically, but when it came to leading the room or sharing my voice, I'd fade into the background. It felt like there was an invisible barrier holding me back. Then I took the plunge and started working with Dimple. We dived deep. I undertook a couple of intensive 'Clearing' sessions, peeling back layers of self-doubt and hesitation. These sessions weren't just discussions, they were profound experiences that tapped into my core. It was as if Dimple had this magical ability to hone in on what held me back and provided tools to shatter those barriers. Working with Dimple helped transform my silent contributions into assertive leadership. The change in me was undeniable. Leading meetings, voicing out, taking charge - it's all second nature now.

- Blake, New York

zara saw how her $5m vision could become a reality

“Dimple didn’t just help me vision bigger, she made me think smarter. Now, I can really see my $5M vision.”

Six months. That's how long it took to shift my perspective from thinking to doing. From our very first session, it was evident that this was not just regular mentorship. Dimple possessed the acumen to dissect my entrepreneurial hurdles and the intuition to understand my aspirations. Within six months, she brought clarity and strategy to my vision. With her guidance, I dived deeper into understanding my customers, leveraged data, and capitalized on analytics. Dimple didn’t just help me vision bigger, she made me think smarter. Now, my $5m vision isn't a "Maybe Someday" – it's "Watch Me Now."

- Zara, Dubai

Natalia turned around her midlife mindset & won!

“I was looking for change from a deep soul place of alignment. Dimple enabled that AND a way out of my midlife crisis.”

- Natalia, London

Don't get trapped in the 'what-ifs.' Be Bold. With the right tools and guidance you can steer your life confidently. Standstill, and watch dreams blur into regrets. Make the leap, write a better story.

'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. The choice is yours. So what's it to be? 
You ready to level up?


“What are the highlights in your life-changing story? Well, that's up to you. This title is in your hands.”

- Your Name, Your Location

I'm in the business of transforming lives – not just changing them, but revolutionizing them. My unique blend of behavioral neuroscience, expert coaching, and applied kinesiology has already redefined the futures of hundreds. Recognized as a gold standard in personal development, my approach is for those who are serious about smashing through their limitations.

Every session with me is a deep dive into what's been holding you back. My clients don't just leave with insights; they leave with a complete mindset overhaul. This isn't about gentle nudges, it's about groundbreaking shifts that propel you into a realm of endless possibilities.

My methodology is a no-nonsense, hard-hitting approach to personal transformation. It's tailored, swift, and effective, designed for individuals ready to seize control and make tangible changes. If you're looking for someone to coddle you, I'm not your guy. But if you're ready to confront and shatter the barriers that have been limiting your potential, then it's time we talked.

Don't just dream about a better life – make it your reality. Book a session with me, and let's start the journey to redefine what's possible for you.

I am here to facilitate your soul’s journey, so when you’re old and you look back, you can say, with conviction, that you lived your life on purpose, with no regrets.

Hello, I'm Dimple Sthankiya.
your personal turnaround specialist for the soul. With 20+ years experience, I'M HERE TO crush your limiting beliefs & unlock your  potential.



YOU are building LONG-TERM INDEPENDENT WEALTH with smart, custom money moves & greater success in your career


YOU'RE DarING to own your ambitionS & transform every hurdle into a stepping stone towards your DREAM CAREER & VISION


YOU'VE builT a confidence that turns heads, in EVERY PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE 


YOU'RE makING connections that count. Think big names, bigger opportunities



“The magic is inside you, there ain’t no crystal ball."

- dolly parton
 ICONIC American singer-songwriter and actress

REDISCOVER & AMPLIFY YOUR MOJO: You want that sparkle back – the energy, the glamor, the chutzpah of your younger years. And why shouldn't you? It's all about radiating confidence, feeling irresistibly sexy, and being an unstoppable force at any age. Age is not a cage, it's your stage to shine ever brighter!

TIME TO COMMAND YOUR CAREER BREAKTHROUGHS: Unlock extraordinary career heights. It's time your skills and talents are recognized and celebrated.

BANISH DOUBT & DITCH IMPOSTER SYNDROME: Those old stories telling you "it's too late"? They're history. You're telling a new story, with a mindset wired for winning

MAKING MIDLIFE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH: Cash in on your know-how and smash the stereotype that midlife means winding down. You're in your prime and you're about to show everyone just how much you've got to give and earn

STOP PLAYING SMALL: It's time to shed those layers of doubt and the habit of playing small. You're meant for bigger things. This is about recognizing your worth, your capabilities, and the unique value you bring to the table. No more second-guessing, no more minimizing your brilliance. You have a powerful voice and incredible potential. Make sure the world hears it and sees it. It's not just about stepping into the spotlight, it's about you owning it.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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FROM LETHARGY TO LEGENDARY ACTION: Ditch the rut and rev up your life! You're flipping the script from ‘I SHOULD’ to ‘I MUST’. You're moving from inertia to action, building a momentum that propels you towards your dreams. Consistent, purposeful steps that transform your aspirations into achievements.

This      for you if:

You seek significant breakthroughs and are eager to collaborate with a coach


You're ready to invest in yourself and break away from doing same old & instead want true transformation & go next level

YOU'RE CURRENTLY EXPLORING OTHER AVENUES FOR personal GROWTH and coaching isn't one of them

You're prepared to step up and play full out to turn your vision into reality, no matter what it takes

It's probably        for you if...




Let's do this thing.


We understand that managing your expenses can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to important investments. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our payment plans, designed with you in mind. Our goal is to make it easier and more affordable for you to access our Programs and Coaching Services.

With our Payment Plans, you can spread the cost into manageable chunks, allowing you to budget without breaking the bank. We know life can be unpredictable, and financial flexibility is crucial. Whether you're looking to upgrade, invest in your future, or simply enjoy what we offer, our payment plans are here to support your goals. We're here to help you achieve your dreams, one affordable payment at a time.

spread your investment with our payment plans

DEPOSIT Payment required to reserve your spot



full payment of £6,000

Deposit + Payment Plan

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your investment

I partner with a SELECT FEW ONLY to ensure dedicated attention and transformative results. Connect with me today. AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED and highly sought after. 


YOU ARE the change & YOU'RE DESTINED TO leave a powerful, positive footprint on the world that echoes for generations


YOU Lead with heart and strength. NOW YOU'RE the leader who doesn't just manage, but inspires and transforms


YOU PUt youRSELF first & focus on THE THINGS what make you feel strong, centered, and unstoppable


YOU Strengthen your circle & deepen ALL your relationships, TO make every moment with loved ones count



this is no ordinary 


Welcome to my curated chronicles - a mix of business savvy and maternal instincts, sprinkled with spiritual guidance.
This is where I share candid stories from my personal life with those of other women who've successfully navigated midlife, as leaders, moms and entrepreneurs.  You'll discover actionable steps and motivational nudges to reshape your mindset. Go grab a coffee and cozy up.


“Being my own boss, and truly owning my time was refreshing. Working with Dimple was fun and inspiring.”

At the brink of my fifties, I thought it was too late to change and that I should be content with my "successful" career. But Dimple saw past my titles and accomplishments. She saw a woman ready for change. Working with her was fun and inspiring. She helped me identify my core strengths and passions that went beyond just crunching numbers. Together, we crafted a plan where I could harness my financial skills but in a more autonomous and liberating environment. I started advising startups on financial strategies, mentoring young enthusiasts, and even began a financial literacy program for women. The joy of making direct impacts, of being my own boss, and of truly owning my time was refreshing. Today, I'm no longer Anoushka the CFO. I'm Anoushka, the 50-something entrepreneur with real freedom, and it's all thanks to Dimple's unwavering belief in my potential and her unique approach.


“Dimple's clarity, strategy, and commitment to excellence are unmatched.”

Before working with Dimple I felt comfortable where I was at, but still had the desire to expand my career. Intrigued by Dimple's blend of business strategy experience and deep energy work, I made the leap from working in investment banking to entrepreneurship. Investing six months with Dimple to launch and grow my own business was transformative. Her guidance was invaluable; not only did she give me a clear, detailed roadmap, blending pragmatic steps with deep personal insights, she also empowered me to smash my limiting beliefs, fostering a newfound self-belief. Every penny invested returned multi-fold, transforming my passion into a thriving online business. Dimple's clarity, strategy, and commitment to excellence are unmatched. Compared to a year ago, I'm in a brighter space and the initial investment feels insignificant. I also feel like I have grown in the other areas of my life too, which in my mid-40s feels like a double win!


be bold!

"Working with Dimple felt like unlocking a part of me I didn't know existed. I have the space to be me, to be creative and I choose how and where I get to work."

Midlife made me reevaluate everything. Sure, I had a successful corporate job, but I had always been passionate about well-cut clothes and doing my own thing. When the pandemic hit, I questioned why I was dealing with endless office politics instead of chasing my dream. And that's when I started working with Dimple. It wasn't just her strategy consulting expertise that set her apart, it was her willingness to dive deep and fast track my ambitions. She believed in me and made me believe in me too.

Dimple has a really unique approach to changing mindset. I loved that we tapped into dynamic meditation, neuroscience, and energy work to reshape mine. The combination of Dimple's strategic insights and this deep energetic alignment helped me create a business I love, and it's thriving, generating over £1m annually. I work harder now than I ever have, but in return I get to be me, to have the space to be creative and I have the freedom to choose how and where I work. Honestly, working with Dimple felt like unlocking a part of me I didn't know existed.

Ava swapped office politics for £1M+ midlife entrepreneurial success


"I'm ambitious and successful, and I want to keep growing. Private 1-on-1 Coaching is an investment in me and I only work with coaches who are capable of helping me get results."

Partnering with Dimple has been a game-changer for my ventures. Her unique blend of hands-on strategy combined with deep energy work truly resonates with me. Our mutual expectation is commitment and hard work and the results speak for themselves. I've also seen positive shifts in my relationships and, more importantly, in how I see myself. I'm looking forward to continuing working with Dimple.

olivia runs 2 successful 7-figure ventures, NOW looking to grow them to 8-figures.

Why work with Me?


I am a thriving Solo Mother By Choice

I have Successfully Coached 000s Of Women To Go Next Level In Their Lives

I'll Unlock your potential & help you create a life You're pretty damn happy with


I'm On a Mission to Revolutionize the midlife experience for women everywhere