Ditch The Mom Guilt And Explore How Online Coaching Can Benefit You, The Busy Mother

December 6, 2023

Dimple Sthankiya

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 I am on a mission to Revolutionize the Midlife Experience of Women, Everywhere.

I'm an Entrepreneur, a highly sought-after Coach and Wellness Expert. My favourite role in life is being a thriving Solo Mum to my wonderful son and like you, I am navigating Midlife and Perimenopause.

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Hi, I'm dimple

In this post you will understand the benefits of group coaching for moms like you, juggling personal and professional responsibilities. It will help you minimize feelings of guilt and instead create a sense of empowerment.

Do you want to call the shots in your home and work life more often than not? Do you want to create a life that isn’t filled with the guilt of working vs mothering? Are you short on time and energy just now? Yes, yes and yes, I thought that might be the case. Read on.

Motherhood – the realm of unsung heroes, the goddesses of multitasking, the unparalleled warriors of patience. It’s the most beautiful, intricate ballet. A chaotic, demanding, love-infused ballet. As a solo mom, I know it too well.

We’ve all heard the cliché that being a mother is a full-time job. But let’s be real: it’s more like two, three, maybe four full-time jobs rolled into one. The pressure, especially mentally to play every role flawlessly is intense. The guilt when you don’t? Overwhelming. Thanks Insta!

Enter stage left: Online Coaching.

What Is Online Group Coaching, Anyway?

Imagine you’re crossing a rickety rope bridge, swaying perilously above a daunting gorge. Now imagine doing it with a group, each member there to hold you up if you stumble. Online Group Coaching is like that: a supportive, dynamic community helping you navigate the chasms of modern motherhood.

A bit too dramatic? Perhaps. But motherhood can feel like that sometimes.

Online coaching brings together individuals who share similar goals and challenges. A coach leads the group, providing insight, resources, and takes them through game changing processes, getting under the hood of what holds them back. And how to move forwards with confidence and clarity. The model is as flexible as a yoga guru and as cost-effective as the half-priced dress you scored last week.

Let Go Of The Mom Guilt

Remember the bridge analogy? Mom guilt is that chasm beneath. It’s that stomach-dropping sensation when you make one misstep. You’re not doing enough. You’re not present enough. You’re not perfect. Online coaching equips you with the tools to tackle this guilt head-on, transforming it into self-acceptance and empowerment.

Moms are humans, not automatons. Perfection is not in our operating manual. As Jenna Kutcher says ‘done is better than perfect’ I live by that mantra nowadays. Thanks Jenna. You’re bound to make mistakes. That is normal and totally expected. However, acknowledging your imperfections is also an act of great self-compassion. And group coaching helps you realize this.

Online Coaching – The Lifeboat Of Flexibility

For us moms, time is more precious than that last piece of chocolate cake. Online coaching understands this. It’s inherently flexible. You can participate virtually, while the little ones nap or during your scarce moments of tranquility. It’s time-efficient. Cost-efficient. Life-efficient. BOOM!

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling recharged, supported, and empowered. That’s what group coaching does. It fosters a healthier mindset, a stronger resolve, and a more balanced life.

Did I mention it’s also cost-effective yet incredibly effective? It’s worth repeating.


Burnout To Breakthrough – Laura’s Story

Before discovering group coaching, Laura was a full-time working mom of two based in Oxford, UK. With a demanding career in healthcare and the sleepless nights of motherhood, Laura was on the brink of burnout. She carried guilt like a second shadow, constantly questioning if she was doing enough for her family while keeping up with her career.

Then, she took the leap and enrolled in one of my online group coaching programs. She was pretty skeptical at first. How could a virtual group event possibly help her manage her work-life chaos?

What unfolded was an enlightening journey of transformation. My program’s approach is a combination of practical strategies and my signature immersive experiences. This allowed Laura to identify her limiting beliefs, confront her guilt, and break down the walls that were preventing her from truly balancing her roles.

She found the community element the most impactful. Hearing from fellow mothers battling similar feelings of inadequacy created a support network she hadn’t known she needed. It was empowering, liberating even.

Today, Laura embodies resilience. She’s a north star for other working moms, sharing her journey and championing the power of group coaching. Laura’s life has altered, her guilt replaced with confidence and self-compassion.

Overcoming Isolation – Lou’s Story

Motherhood can be an isolating experience. For Lou, a solo mom to a beautiful toddler, isolation was her constant companion. Despite having a close-knit family, she often felt overwhelmed and disconnected, yearning for empathy from those who truly understood her plight.

Attending my live online group coaching program was Lou’s hail mary. She didn’t just find what she was looking for, she found more than she ever expected.

My program presented Lou with new perspectives, equipping her with the tools to deal with isolation and feelings of guilt and as a solo mom myself Lou was able to resonate with our shared experiences. Throughout the program, she realized that she was not alone. 

As Lou journeyed through the program, she started to redefine her narrative. The guilt she felt began to diminish, replaced by a profound sense of self-worth and empowerment.

The isolation Lou once felt has been replaced by a sense of belonging. She has found her tribe and rediscovered herself in the process. Lou is proof that when solo moms band together, they can overcome any hurdle and rewrite their stories of motherhood.


Entrepreneurial Endeavor – Geeta’s Story

Geeta is an entrepreneur, and a proud mom of three, hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai, India. She runs her own successful athleisure-wear business while juggling the demands of motherhood.

The struggle to balance her passion for her business and her devotion to her children left Geeta feeling stretched too thin. A constant nagging guilt gnawed at her, a guilt that perhaps she was investing too much time in her business and not enough in her family.

Her breakthrough came when she decided to attend my online group coaching program.The experience was an eye-opener for Geeta. Seeing women from different parts of the world, facing similar challenges, was a revelation. The collective empathy, shared wisdom, and encouragement helped her shake off the guilt that had become her unwelcome companion.

Geeta’s journey on the course helped her identify her strengths and weaknesses, develop better time management strategies, and most importantly, embrace her dual role as a businesswoman and a mother without guilt.

Today, Geeta exudes confidence. She’s thriving in her business and revels in motherhood. Guilt has no room in her story anymore. Geeta’s transformation bears testament to the profound effect group coaching can have on mothers, no matter where they are or what they do.


Embrace The Power Of Online Coaching

So, you busy mothers, superheroes sans capes, I invite you to put down your guilt, your stress, your unrealistic expectations of perfection. Step into the world of group coaching. Let it be your lighthouse guiding you through the choppy seas of motherhood.

Our journeys may differ, but our destination is the same: a healthier, happier version of ourselves for our children, for our partners and for us. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can overcome the chaos of motherhood.

Remember, you’re not just a mother. You’re a daughter, friend, wife, girlfriend, confidante. Ditch that mom guilt and transform it into something else more right for you. Online coaching is a game changer.

“The Path To Success Is To Take Massive, Determined Action.”

Tony Robbins

My Nugget Of Wisdom

Tony Robbins once said, “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” When I first heard this, I felt overwhelmed. How could I possibly take massive action when I was already running on fumes? But then, I realized Robbins wasn’t asking me to do more – he was encouraging me to act with intention.

So, I ditched the mom guilt, stopped mindlessly rushing, and started investing my energy in the things that really mattered. Let me say this, it wasn’t easy in fact I found it hard to know where to focus at first. There were definitely days I doubted myself and what I was doing, but my resolve led to a quiet confidence, more being in the flow, and nowadays a sense of fulfilment I didn’t get to experience much before.

Now, it’s your turn. As a coach who has guided thousands of women online through this transformation on my group coaching program, I can assure you, group coaching is a safe space where you can ditch the mom guilt, find support, and even embrace self-care. Join us, take massive, determined action as Tony would say, and witness extraordinary change in your life.

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in this post you will discover how to transform your years of expertise, now that you're in your prime - into a profitable online venture, never trading time for money again, & succeeding as an online entrepreneur.

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Let's              what it means to grow and mature
as a woman. because                    invisible,

                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that           
is not the end, but a                beginning.”

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