Breaking Glass Ceilings: Empowering Women Leaders With Leadership Coaching

December 5, 2023

Dimple Sthankiya

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 I am on a mission to Revolutionize the Midlife Experience of Women, Everywhere.

I'm an Entrepreneur, a highly sought-after Coach and Wellness Expert. My favourite role in life is being a thriving Solo Mum to my wonderful son and like you, I am navigating Midlife and Perimenopause.

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Hi, I'm dimple

By following the advice in this post you’ll understand how leadership coaching helps you navigate difficult work situations, communicate effectively, and lead with confidence.

Are you feeling as if your career has stalled and you’re fading away into mid-life whilst not having fully achieved your potential? or Are you still sitting on a bigger vision but no idea on how to get started and getting momentum? Are you getting what you deserve financially?

Leadership is a challenging terrain, and for women, I think it often presents a unique set of complexities. From battling deep-seated stereotypes to navigating organizational politics, the journey to the top is rife with hurdles. Yet, these hurdles are not impossible. With the right guidance, skills, and mindset, ambitious women can shatter the proverbial glass ceiling. Herein lies the transformative power of leadership coaching.

Unique Challenges For Women In Leadership

The leadership landscape for women can often feel like a precarious walk. On one side, you’ve got the stereotype of the ‘Ice Queen’ , an archetype characterized by coldness and a perceived lack of empathy. On the other side, you’ve got the ‘Soft Touch’ stereotype, painting women as too emotional or compassionate to make tough decisions. Straying too far in either direction can lead to credibility erosion. Striking the perfect balance between strength and empathy, decisiveness and compassion, can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But it isn’t.

Enter leadership coaching: a tailored, one-on-one approach designed to help you navigate these narrow straits. This specialized form of guidance is instrumental in developing resilience, enhancing communication skills, and building confidence. More importantly, it provides the tools necessary for you to lead with authenticity, influence, and impact.

Leadership Coaching Offers A Solution To Fast Track Success

Let’s get this straight: leadership coaching doesn’t reinvent you, it amplifies your innate prowess. Women, we come equipped with leadership essentials – empathy, teamwork, emotional intelligence. But these gems? Often undervalued, eclipsed by ‘masculine’ leadership norms.

Leadership coaching is your secret weapon. It harnesses your unique strengths, turbocharging them into success catalysts. It fuels your vision, sparks change, invigorates teams, and all while staying authentic. What’s not to like? It paves the way for an inclusive, fair workspace, a win-win for all. And the result? A fast track to success. Power up!

Leadership Coaching Helps You Develop Resilience

In the world of leadership, setbacks and failures are inevitable. But it’s not about the fall; it’s about how you rise from it. Leadership coaches serve as objective, empathetic sounding boards. They help you reframe challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth, enabling you to learn from your mistakes and emerge stronger.

Resilience is key. It’s about turning adversity into your advantage, nurturing the ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. This is the type of resilience that leadership coaching can help you to cultivate.

Leadership Coaching Enhances Your Influence

Effective communication is also a cornerstone of successful leadership. But it’s not just about what you say; it’s about how you say it. Leadership coaches can help you fine-tune your communication style, ensuring your messages resonate with clarity, authority, and impact, face to face and virtually.

Leadership coaching offers you techniques and strategies to command the room, negotiate effectively, and manage conflict. It helps you influence and inspire, driving your teams towards a shared vision. Ultimately, it’s about transforming the narrative, ensuring your voice as a leader is being heard, valued, and respected.

We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.

Maya Angelou

Build Confidence & Trust In Your Capabilities

Confidence is the lifeblood of leadership. But it’s not about arrogance; it’s about self-assuredness, about believing in your capabilities. Coaches can support you in developing a robust sense of self-worth, enabling you to make bold decisions, assert your ideas, and stand your ground.

Confidence? Not about always being right. It’s about the guts to err, to learn, to risk, to venture beyond your comfort zone. Above all, it’s about understanding this: your vision, your ideas, your leadership – that they matter.

And authenticity? Today’s leadership buzzword. But what’s behind the buzz? It comes down to leading with honesty, transparency, standing by your values and being unapologetically you. And by that I mean even dressing how you want to dress, creating a culture that feels right to you. Leadership coaches don’t just talk about it – they guide you to make it happen. They help you channel your unique strengths, enabling you to lead with genuine authenticity. Remember: the best leadership style is your own. Be unapologetically you. You matter.

Leadership coaching isn’t merely a tool for skill development; it’s a catalyst for personal and professional transformation and getting to the C -Suite. It equips you as a woman leader with the resources to overcome the unique obstacles you face, to develop a strong, authentic leadership persona, and ultimately, to shatter your glass ceiling.

So, for all you ambitious women out there eyeing the C-suite, remember: the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the view.

My Nugget Of Wisdom

Maya Angelou, the epitome of wisdom and grace, once advised, “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” As ambitious women striving to break through glass ceilings, we’ll face many many trials, but let Angelou’s wisdom compel you to rise, stronger and more determined.

Personally, I’ve traversed this path and it’s a tricky path to navigate on my own. Like Angelou, I’ve experienced defeat a number of times, though I’ve never allowed it to break me. And I have worked with a coach to help me which has led to my own breakthroughs, including some I could never have anticipated.

As your leadership coach, I would bring this resilient mindset from my own experience, and from coaching CEOs and senior female leaders from some of the world’s most iconic and recognised companies. As we work together, you’ll cultivate your tenacity and turn your trials into stepping stones towards your own breakthroughs, ultimately leading you to where you need to go for the recognition and success you deserve.

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in this post you will discover how to transform your years of expertise, now that you're in your prime - into a profitable online venture, never trading time for money again, & succeeding as an online entrepreneur.

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Let's              what it means to
grow and mature as a woman. because                    invisible, OR fading away. NOR ARE YOU FORGOTTEN.

                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that            is not the end,
but a                beginning.”

Let's              what it means to grow and mature
as a woman. because                    invisible,

                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that           
is not the end, but a                beginning.”

let's                                  & SHIFT THE PARADIGM Around WHAT'S possible, AS you                        IN your MID-30  , ALL THE WAY TO MENOPAUSE. 



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