The Female Millionaire’s Playbook

December 4, 2023

Dimple Sthankiya

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 I am on a mission to Revolutionize the Midlife Experience of Women, Everywhere.

I'm an Entrepreneur, a highly sought-after Coach and Wellness Expert. My favourite role in life is being a thriving Solo Mum to my wonderful son and like you, I am navigating Midlife and Perimenopause.

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Hi, I'm dimple

From the advice in this post you will have gained valuable insights and inspiration to pursue your own financial goals with confidence. And be inspired by ambitious, successful women who went BIG.

How Do You Picture A Millionaire?

Is it a besuited man, cigar in hand, peering over Wall Street? Or is it perhaps a woman, driven, determined, her eyes reflecting an ocean of wisdom and courage, her hands molding the very landscape of financial success? The time has come to shift your paradigm and rewrite the millionaire’s playbook, painting it with feminine resilience and brilliance.

This isn’t just an article. It’s a journey, an odyssey through the minds of female financial trailblazers. It’s their millionaire’s playbook.

The Rise Of Female Financial Millionaires

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Brewing Success In Biotechnology

Hailing from India, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw broke barriers in a male-dominated industry and founded Biocon, one of India’s leading biotech firms. Her secret? Determination and a refusal to accept the status quo. Faced with skepticism and bias, she persisted, creating an empire from an initial investment of just $500. Can you make your steely determination the key in unlocking your success?

Zhou Qunfei: A Touch Of Genius

From a factory worker in China to the founder of Lens Technology, Zhou Qunfei’s story is a remarkable journey from rags to riches. She invented the touch screens used in smartphones across the globe. Her secret? Ingenuity and hard work. She proves that your background doesn’t define your future, your actions do. Are you ready to let your creativity blaze a trail?

Gisele Bündchen: Strutting The Catwalk To A Greener Future

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen is not just a pretty face. She’s a savvy businesswoman who leveraged her fame for environmental activism, co-founding a clean water initiative and investing in eco-friendly businesses. Her secret? Using her platform for good, proving that financial success and social responsibility can go hand in hand. How will you align your success with your values?

Denise Coates: Betting On Success

In the United Kingdom, Denise Coates transformed her small betting shop into Bet365, one of the world’s leading online gambling companies. Her secret? Vision and a willingness to take risks. She gambled on the rise of online betting and it paid off. Could your vision be the next game-changer?

Whitney Wolfe Herd: Swiping Right On Success

In the digital landscape, few have made an impact as pronounced as Whitney Wolfe Herd. As the co-founder of Tinder and the founder of Bumble, she revolutionized online dating. Her secret? Courage to challenge the norm and create a platform where women make the first move. Her journey reiterates that revolutionary ideas can redefine the marketplace. What’s your revolutionary idea?

Canan Dağdeviren: Harnessing The Power Of Technology For Health

Canan Dağdeviren, a Turkish scientist, is a trailblazer in the field of wearable technology. She developed devices that can monitor and diagnose health conditions, improving lives worldwide. Her secret? A deep curiosity and a desire to use technology for the greater good. She embodies the power of innovation to change the world. How can you use your skills to make a difference?

Unveiling The Female Millionaire’s Playbook

Embrace Failure: An Unlikely Ally

Ever been punched in the gut by failure? It hurts, doesn’t it? But what if I told you that every ‘no’, every closed door, every stumble is a stepping stone to success? Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx and self-made billionaire, will attest to that. Failure, she says, is not the outcome. Failure is not trying. So, are you brave enough to make failure your ally


Invest In Yourself: You’re The Best Asset You Have

Consider Oprah Winfrey, a woman born into poverty who now shapes the world with her words. She didn’t just invest her money; she invested in herself. As the most influential woman in media, she teaches us that our minds, our skills, and our passions are our greatest assets. Are you ready to capitalize on yours?

Build A Support Network: No One Succeeds Alone

Think of Jenny Just, a self-made millionaire who co-founded PEAK6 Investments. She attributes her success to the power of relationships, to the network she built. “No one succeeds alone,” she says. Are you nurturing your network?

Each of these midlife women started with a dream and a drive, facing challenges that would make most crumble. Yet, they didn’t just survive; they thrived, and their stories have become the female millionaire’s playbook for ambitious women everywhere.

The financial world is no longer a man’s game. The future is female, and the time is now. 

And remember, the female millionaire’s playbook isn’t a secret code, but a testament of resilience, perseverance, and self-belief. It’s about embracing failure, investing in yourself, building a strong network, and being ready to adapt and overcome.

My Nugget Of Wisdom

A crucial takeaway from Dr. Wayne Dyer, which I’ve personally embraced, is this: “Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune into.” In our pursuit of wealth, we often forget that abundance is a state of mind. It’s about appreciating what we have while we work towards what we want.

“Abundance Is Not Something We Acquire. It’s Something We Tune Into.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Each of the trailblazing women in our female millionaire’s playbook lives by this principle. They’ve created wealth not simply by chasing dollars, but by tuning into an abundance mindset. Seeing opportunities where others see obstacles, viewing failures as lessons, and understanding that success is a journey, not a destination. They also tuned into their customers’ most pressing needs and served them really well.

Remember, your path to financial success isn’t just about the figures in your bank account, though that’s awesome and gives you the freedom to better serve your customers. It’s also about cultivating an attitude of abundance. This approach has transformed my approach and my life actually, and it can do the same for you.

Do You Want To Stop Fearing Success So It Doesn’t Sabotage Your Growth?

Find inspiration in the extraordinary stories of ambitious women who dared to dream big. Read my post ‘When creating your vision will you go big or go home?‘ for more inspiration.

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in this post you will discover how to transform your years of expertise, now that you're in your prime - into a profitable online venture, never trading time for money again, & succeeding as an online entrepreneur.

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Let's              what it means to
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                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that            is not the end,
but a                beginning.”

Let's              what it means to grow and mature
as a woman. because                    invisible,

                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that           
is not the end, but a                beginning.”

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