Get Real With Yourself and Crush Procrastination

November 28, 2023

Dimple Sthankiya

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 I am on a mission to Revolutionize the Midlife Experience of Women, Everywhere.

I'm an Entrepreneur, a highly sought-after Coach and Wellness Expert. My favourite role in life is being a thriving Solo Mum to my wonderful son and like you, I am navigating Midlife and Perimenopause.

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Hi, I'm dimple

By following the advice in this post you will be equipped with practical steps and strategies to overcome procrastination, tap into your inner-doer, and take consistent action towards your goals and vision.

Get Real With Yourself

Listen up. You’re standing on the precipice of possibility. Vision? You’ve got that. Goals? Stacked to the ceiling. What’s missing? ACTION. That’s right, I’m talking about your inner-doer.

I know you’re yearning to go to the next level in your life and your career. You’re afraid your career might stall and you might fade away into mid-life, whilst not having fulfilled your potential, or having achieved some of your biggest dreams.

I also know that you are a master of ‘knowing.’ You know what it takes to write that book, launch that business, or snag that promotion. But ‘knowing’ isn’t a bullet train to Successville. It’s ‘the doing bit’ that fuels your engine. It’s time to stoke your fire, get that train moving, and leave Procrastination Station in the rear-view.

Face Your Fears 

Don’t get me wrong. Fear, self-doubt, they’re all part of the game. They’re the villains in your superhero story. But remember, every villain has a weakness. And yours? It’s action.

So, how do you tap into this inner-doer? First off, let’s get real with yourself. 

Self-awareness is key. Are you stalling because of fear? Or is it because you’re aiming for the moon without a spaceship? Goals need to be stretchy yet visible. The moon’s a great destination, but first, you need to build that spaceship. Break down your goal. What’s your first step? Then take it. Do it NOW not tomorrow or next week or the week after that. Remember action precedes confidence. Always.


“Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”

Susan Jeffers

Embrace Failure

Secondly, face your fears. Yes, it’s scary. But guess what? You’re brave. You’re the heroine of your own life, not a damsel in distress. As Susan Jeffers would say, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Take that leap of faith and you’ll find that the fear of the fall is usually worse than the fall itself.

Next, embrace failure. Failure isn’t a roadblock, it’s a detour. It’s not a stop sign; it’s a learning curve. Embrace it. Learn from it. Dust it off and do it again. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your vision.

Lastly, celebrate your victories, no matter how small. Finished that first page of your book? Celebrate. Made your first sale? Celebrate. Every step forward is a step towards your vision. So, don’t belittle your progress. Applaud it. I always do and it makes a huge difference in how I perceive my failures.

It’s Time To Take Action

You’ve got the power. You’re the dreamer, the planner, the doer. You’ve got a world to conquer, dreams to chase, and goals to smash. So, what are you waiting for?

Your inner-doer is itching to get going, to make a dent in the universe. It’s time to release her, to let her run wild. It’s time to overcome procrastination and stop planning, stop hesitating, stop doubting. It’s time to start doing. D-O-I-N-G.

So get going. And remember, the only person standing in your way is YOU. I bet when you unlock your inner-doer you’ll achieve some pretty impressive results within a year. The people I coach absolutely do.

There you have it, my recipe for success. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. But remember, nothing worth having ever came easy. If it was then everyone would be successful. And remember to define what success means to you. So, let’s get to it, It’s time for you to overcome procrastination and DO.


“Action Always Precedes Confidence”

Dimple Sthankiya

My Nugget of Wisdom

Like Abraham Hicks says, “You’re never stuck, for you’re always moving.” This nugget of wisdom has been my guide, too. I’ve been stuck in my own cycles of procrastination many, many times, frozen by self-doubt, and each time I realized I need to change my mindset.

Your vision is waiting for you, just around the corner of fear and indecision. Don’t let procrastination be the roadblock to your success. Take that leap of faith and tap into your inner-doer, like all successful people do.

Also don’t let your inner critic hold you hostage with fear. Instead, allow your inner voice to break those chains. Remember, movement, even the smallest step, is the key to breaking free from stagnation. Acknowledge your fears, set realistic goals, and then ACT on them. After all, you’re evolving, constantly moving, and each step you take, no matter how small, brings you closer to your end game.

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dimple sthankiya,
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Let's              what it means to
grow and mature as a woman. because                    invisible, OR fading away. NOR ARE YOU FORGOTTEN.

                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that            is not the end,
but a                beginning.”

Let's              what it means to grow and mature
as a woman. because                    invisible,

                    you Are important & your potential, is limitless.               we can prove that           
is not the end, but a                beginning.”

let's                                  & SHIFT THE PARADIGM Around WHAT'S possible, AS you                        IN your MID-30  , ALL THE WAY TO MENOPAUSE. 



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