“They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds.”

 – Mexican proverb

Mexico is one of the most spiritual lands we’ve ever set foot in and when we discovered Tulum, we thought we had finally discovered the most perfect centre of wellness. Or died and gone to heaven, one or the other.

As if running barefoot through Tulum’s fine, white sand and diving into its azure waters wasn’t healing enough, this deliciously ephemeral playa paradise is a hot bed of meditation and reconnection.

Stunningly romantic and refreshingly peaceful (especially if your previous stop is the utterly mad Mexico City), Tulum reminds us a little of Australia’s Byron Bay, a hippie-chic, bohemian paradise where no building is higher than the tree line and everything is low-fi and low-rise. It’s the perfect antidote to the all-inclusive bloatedness of Cancun’s mega resorts and has, with good reason, become the sexiest long weekend destination du jour for stressed-out Manhattanites wanting to relax and reconnect.

But more than being merely fashionable, Tulum is steeped in an almost magical heritage. Mayan culture is all about healing and, in Tulum, these ancient traditions are cultivated yet perfectly preserved, making them easy to dive into headfirst without reservations. Speaking of diving, cool off in the glittering waters of the Cenotes Dos Ojos (the caves where you can swim and dive) and feel something close to pure, uninterrupted peace.

Tulum is one of those places that really takes your senses hostage, especially your taste buds. The food scene is excellent with street carts and restaurants jostling for your attention and more than matching one another in terms of quality. Enjoy fresher than fresh seafood at an ocean-facing table (seriously, the ocean breeze nearly knocked our wine glasses over) or wood-fired comfort food at Hartwood. We say this about very few places in the world but when it comes to Tulum and food, you just can’t make a bad choice. Live music is big here too, and a stroll down the central strip will offer numerous shanty bars with local bands bringing the house down with a variety of styles.

A brief on Tulum is not complete without mentioning the people. The locals of Tulum will be among the most friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Their exceptional attention to detail will blow you away (it certainly did us).

We savoured every last grain of sand: running around in bare feet, eating more avocados than we thought humanly possible and practiced yoga every morning and at sunset, while the ocean crashed in our ears. We meditated with Shamans and had our auras recalibrated whilst sweating out our old selves in a Temazcal. Tulum is, in a word, magic. So, whether you’re taking a bike ride up to the coastal Mayan ruins or luxuriating in a treehouse hotel where the jungle meets the sand, this Yucatan wonder won’t fail to move you.

“Certain things catch your eye, but only pursue that which captures your heart.” – Mayan proverb

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