Hong Kong

“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.”          

Nury Vittachi

Imagine an Asian Manhattan, multiply it by about 100, add two scoops of adrenaline and you’ve got an idea of what to expect from the glorious Hong Kong.

We left Hong Kong several years ago but it still holds a special place in our soul. A forest of mirrored, shining skyscrapers, Hong Kong is the very embodiment of the term ‘Asian Powerhouse’. Chinese culture influenced by years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong has unique and enduring characteristics that make it endlessly intriguing. Much like its American and British cousins, it never closes and has a reputation for being wild. If you’re not much of a party animal, you will be by the time you leave The Kong.

Getting from A to B is easy and refreshingly cheap. In fact, you can cab it to just about anywhere for the price of a cup of coffee, which means Hong Kong’s residents squeeze a lot into their days. As your adrenaline levels will have spiked almost as soon as you step off the plane, you’ll need to track down some zen pronto and this city is more than happy to oblige. What very few people know is that Hong Kong is over 400% protected parkland so the opportunities to hike, fish in traditional Chinese villages and escape to the many islands that surround Hong Kong are plentiful. With running trails like Bowen Road (where cars are banned) or the sublimely picturesque Peak (where you can gaze down on the Pearl Harbour), pavement-pounders are in for a treat. For those that need sand between their toes, there are beaches everywhere (who’d have thought it?), plenty of surf in the effectively-named Big Wave Bay and wakeboarding in out in Sai Kung.

We have to talk about the food. Once you’ve had dim sum here, you’re ruined for life. You won’t be able to eat it anywhere else, it’s that good. The already eclectic food scene is fast-becoming more geared towards wellness: our addiction to xiaolongbao lingers to this day and is one of the many things that makes Hong Kong one of the best tasting cities in the world.

The biggest aesthetic and cultural wonder of this city is how ancient and modern effortlessly coexist in harmony. The Cantonese can-do, entrepreneurial attitude has resulted in a smorgasbord of zen and wellness experiences popping up all over the city, leveraging the rituals of traditional Chinese medicine (a form of healthcare that has been evolving for over five thousand years) that is still practiced by the local population. The spa culture in Hong Kong is insane: hot spots like Happy Foot, where you can take a friend and a bottle of wine for a pedicure and reflexology session at midnight if the mood takes you, are wildly popular for obvious reasons.

“Give Hong Kong to an artist. He can use it. It can be poetised.” – Baris Gencel

Download our app and experience our favourite wellness spots for Hong Kong in more detail. If you know someone planning a trip here in the near future or may have moved to Hong Kong recently, then please let them know about us, we might just be able to make it their most zen trip to Hong Kong ever.

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