We believe that the curiosity that drives us to find out what’s outside our front door is healthy and nourishing

That’s why we’ve curated these free wellness-travel guides for six really cool wellness destinations, so that you can explore them armed with the very finest wellness recommendations known to yogi.

Allow us to show you an entirely new side to your favourite place. You see when you travel with wellness in mind, the world becomes an entirely different place. See for yourself…

It’s become absolute habit in this day and age to get a second (and indeed a third and fourth) opinion on our wellness-travel before we commit

We’re a generation of researchers. We’ve got money to spend on travelling but we want to spend it wisely and only on the very best, on things that will fundamentally inspire us. We practice prudence and choosiness before we pack our bags and hit the road and rightly so: life is simply too short and there are too many incredible things to do and places to go to waste time getting it wrong.

When the V&S team are planning an adventure, we like to check out what our destination offers in terms of wellness (be that the local food scene or the newest boxfit studio) and what kind of atmosphere we can expect. Whether we’re travelling for work, romance or simply for the sake of travelling, we want to know that our choices will thrill our senses and satisfy our need for adventure. It is this attitude that perfectly positions Voyage & Soap as the essential stop-off between your everyday life and your next adventure.

Chosen by us, made for you

Our mission is to curate the world’s best wellness practices and travel ideas for the curious and health-conscious, all in one place.

Where you need to be right now

We’ll be kicking off with our run down of six high profile destinations that we’re salivating over at the moment. Travel trends come and go, but we believe these places should be high on everyone’s See-Before-I-Die lists.

London | New York | LA | Hong Kong | Sydney | Tulum (Mexico)

How are we going to break it down?

We’re glad you asked.

Our travel-centric wellness activities will cover everything from the hottest yoga teachers to the best juice bars, the finest gluten-free restaurants and our favourite zen-out areas. This will allow you to take advantage of local knowledge and get the very best out of your trip.

What we are not, is a complete index of everything you can possibly see or do in any of our destinations. Firstly, there’s no way we can cover everything (Lonely Planet are better at that sort of thing) and, secondly, we think it’s more fun for you to discover some things organically for yourself. And then you can tell us about them!

What we are is a collection of ideas and recommendations that we think are inspiring and we think will grant you the insider’s knowledge you need to get something really unique out of your trip. Like a digital version of that really well-travelled, adventurous, erudite friend that we all have who can do a flawless yoga headstand while regaling you with the story about the sunset she saw in Santorini.

We’ll break each destination up into 3 sections: Escape, Eat & Drink, Move.

In the meantime, if you have any wellness-travel recommendations connected to our chosen destinations then get onto our Twitter feed and tell us about it.

Happy travels, y’all.


Allow us to show you an entirely new side to your favourite destination

When you travel with wellness in mind, the world becomes an entirely different place. See for yourself and click on a destination below…

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