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Getting into fasting is for sure one of the top five most important things I’ve done in my life

Here it is, the one you’ve been waiting for…..Buckle up. Grab a cup of tea and settle yourself onto your sofa cos in Part 3 I’m taking you on my Fasting Odyssey. The Good. The Bad and The Ugly.

Re-Cap: Lockdown UK Covid-19

I did this Seven-Day Water Fasting Experiment during early Covid-19 Lockdown in the UK as a Solo Mum, to a beautiful, super-cute, assertive, high-energy and of course immensely demanding two- and three-quarter-year old boy.

THIS was going to be a mega test of my patience and skills as a parent.

My nerves were a jangled mess and my confidence was taking an unexpected nose-dive

The thought of looking after my son 24/7 without my usual support mechanisms (i.e. grandparents, nursery school and others) had me in a complete and utter panic. I had no idea how long lockdown or the pandemic would last for. And to top it off, I had zero face to face adult interaction which probably wasn’t the ideal place to be mentally, either.

In one way these were all excuses so if I failed I could blame it on those things. But the truth is I needed to do this. I needed to prove I could do this. For me.

Maybe doing this would help me feel like I had some control and choice in my life, something Covid-19 had me feeling like I had less and less.

Travel. Soul connecting with others. Having my village support me and my son. Hugging. Kissing. Growing. Creating. Working with Others on Projects that Matter to Me. Achieving. Going on Adventures. All those things seemed to be on pause for now. But the one thing I did have and the one thing I cared for above anything else on this planet was with me 24/7. My son. And he needed me to be on my game.

My sweetheart x


To be clear the reason why I succeeded this time around where before I had failed, multiple times, is because of my son. He’s my muse. He’s my anchor.

My Fasting Odyssey

Day Zero

Day One

Day Two

So I did what you should NEVER do when you are fasting.

Stay away from the fruit bowl isn’t exactly a punchline is it?

Today my glass really was half full.

Internal conflict corrodes your willpower. It certainly leaves me exhausted, angry and on the defensive — both with myself and other people.

Now that’s POWERFUL.

Day Three

My body’s fuel tank is officially ‘running on empty’ Yet my mind is still. Detached. And Hyper-Aware.

I was one click away from fail station. AGAIN.

When I fast my productivity definitely increases.

Fasting over diets any day

It got me thinking. Fasting is so much easier than sticking to a diet.

Dimple Sthankiya, Shoreditch London


DISCLAIMER: Do Your Research Before Trying Fasting


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