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Sydney-siders could rival any community in the world (even Tulum’s) for their love of avocados. But aside from that universally loved superfood, Sydney generally loves to eat well. There are amazing healthy eating options and juice joints all over the city and the choice is over-whelming. And did we mention the breakfasts here?  OMG they’re amazing.

Juice bars? Check. Gluten-free? Check. Locally sourced ingredients? Double-check. Seriously, you cannot swing a cat in Sydney without finding your new favourite health spot. It’s enough to make you want to stay there forever. Here are a few of the ones we checked out while we were Sydney-side.


Porch & Parlour 

Beyond the view of Bondi Beach, Porch & Parlour consistently serve up delicious wholefood dishes like our favourite, the ‘Green Brekkie Bowl‘. Fun, helpful, knowledgeable team serving great food, tasty wines with loads of fresh ingredients in trendy laid back surroundings. A hundred metres off the beach. Definitely worth a visit.  Catch up with a friend for a walk along the beach then finish with breakfast here. Your body will thank you.



Hale & Hearty

This place is in Waterloo (near Central station). They focus on food that cuts out refined sugar, dairy and gluten. All in all, they do good healthy and yummy options that are very unique. We’re told the pancakes are to die for as well…

Visit: haleandhearty


About Life

This guilt-free grocery store and café, which stocks all the usual natural products, has been a long-time favourite of Inner West residents since it opened nearly two decades ago on Darling Street. It’s all organic, locally-sourced and is a trusted go-to for Sydney’s health hounds.  They also serve, down-to-earth, good quality coffee.

Aside from the usual dried goods, they’ve also got an extensive range of food, both on the shelves and ready-made. There’s a bar for nuts, a bar for salads, a bar for hot food, one for dessert, another for yoghurt and fruit and even a cheese counter. Just walk in, fill a box with whatever you feel like eating and walk out feeling smug. Stores in Bondi Junction, Cammeray, Double Bay and Surry Hills.

Visit: aboutlife


The Boathouse

The Boathouse now boasts three branches, it’s so good: Palm Beach, Shelly Beach in Manly and Balmoral Beach. The original, housed in an old abandoned boathouse in Palm Beach, is a bright, gorgeous dining experience. The kind of place your dream wedding might happen. Listen to the waves crashing as you dine on modern fusion cuisine made up of fresh food and quality Australian ingredients in an upscale but casual café environment. It’s all very Martha’s Vineyard but with an Aussie accent.

The Boathouse duo of Pip and Andrew Goldsmith offer up wood-fired ricotta with honey, cucumber and buckwheat; autumn ravioli of duck, potato and rhubarb; and the famous Boathouse beer-battered flathead and chips are highlights of the café menu. They also act as a boutique for local artisan food companies. They were so successful with the first one that they opened another two in absolute prime locations (Manly and Balmoral) serving all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The

Manly branch also incorporates the old Shelly Beach kiosk, which was given a polish and reboot so now boasts an open kitchen, tropical decor and a wood-fired oven to bake seafood and bread to succulent perfection. It’s not the cheapest meal in town, but when it comes with wharf side seating and waterfront views, it’s one of the most beautiful. The Boathouse branches are the crème de le crème of bigger Sydney cafés and are much loved by locals and tourists alike.




Funnily re-opening on Voyage & Soap’s launch date 10th Jan 2017, Proteini’s mission is to combat the hungry, rumbling of the guts caused by busy schedules, sleep ins and long meetings. Their bold, delicious café is your one stop shop for a quick, HEALTHY, hunger fix.

They’ll fuel your body in a way that is healthy and more importantly affordable, taking the hassle out of the preparation with a seasonally and specially designed menu packed full of all the things your body needs. When we last visited we loved this place – especially the yoghurts.

They cater for:





The premise behind Sanduba was started in 2011. After 2 years of research, careful planning and searching for their illustrious first site, Sanduba opened it’s doors in March of 2013. They’re a new kind of food business, pioneering healthy food on the go with speed.

Owners Cameron & Geoff care passionate about what they’re doing and believe strongly in offering a wide range of healthy, nutritious and sometimes indulgent breakfast and lunch options freshly made each day. Big tastes that come from a menu designed to be healthy and delicious.  We found the staff to be genuinely helpful, knowledgeable and fun.  Great customer service!



Egg of the Universe

Egg of the Universe is Sydney’s only integrated yoga studio and wholefoods café.  They offer yoga in their state-of-the-art yoga studio and delicious, nourishing wholefood in their urban garden café.  Their café’s vision was inspired by the wholefoods movement but draws on culinary influences from around the world. Aspiring to change the modern world’s misguided culture that generally defines ‘healthy’ food as boring or involving self-denial.

We loved their ‘kombucha’ selection and had their ‘seasonal breakfast’  which is full of the healthiest ingredients and another amazing breakfast found in Sydney. This consisted of roast sweet potato & carrots with pumpkin puree, kale, Two organic poached eggs, green leaves, turmeric aioli, EOTU lacto-fermented pickle & dukkah. It’s gluten-free and vegan in case you were wondering. They also do ‘spiced kichari‘ (an ayurvedic Gujarati dish we were brought up on which pretty much vacuums up all the toxins in your body).

And for you meat-eaters they do an awesome ‘Asian slow-cooked Beef’ (pasture raised beef brisket, asian spices, roast sweet potato, raw daikon salad & EOTU lacto-fermented kimchi.  Dairy and gluten-free).  Another great dish is ‘Pork Shoulder & Sweet Potato Cake’ (slow-cooked pasture raised pork with sweet potato cake, Poached Organic Egg, seasonal apple slaw, EOTU lacto-fermented Pickle & bbq sauce – dairy and gluten-free).  Now tell us you’re not feeling hungry.

These guys do it so well.



Hunter Works (Balmain)

This is an ace little courtyard café, tucked just behind a beautiful old building on Darling Street. At this mostly-outdoors-but-also-magically-under-cover café, that you’ll find excellent coffee (like their expertly extracted ristretto). There’s no fresh juice, but there are carafes of house-made sodas (we have the grapefruit and lime, but there’s also strawberry).

There’s no kitchen here either, which means the majority of the eats are salad-or-toast-based. Most of what’s on offer is vegetarian, some of it’s vegan but all of it can be pimped with a few slices of ham. Smashed avocado (of course), caper mayonnaise and crushed toasted almonds peppered up with rocket leaves on rye and caraway toast can be ordered by the piece – handy, if you’re eating alone. This is a cute little café staffed by cool guys. Service can be a little haphazard at times and it’s a fairly limited menu, but in a way, that’s also part of the charm. Jaunty Spotify playlist included.

Visit: hunterworksbalmain


Henley’s Wholefoods

Henley’s delicious options are nutrient-dense, made from high quality produce sourced locally from amazing farmers in an environmentally friendly way. Henley’s provides all of the above and more at all of their locations and focus on making every menu item a winner, while being gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar free.  And with several locations: Alexandria, Bondi Junction, Double Bay and two new ones in Paddington and Surry Hills coming soon, you’re spoilt for choice.

Try the ‘Shrooms’ (garlic roasted eld mushrooms, crispy prosciutto, poached eggs, basil pesto and truffle oil) the ‘Quinoa Goreng’ (dry fried quinoa, chilli, garlic, coriander topped with a fried egg and cucumber wedges) if you’re passing thrugh for brunch. And add a side of bacon or avocado for extra satisfaction.

As this is Sydney you know the breakfast choice is going to be awesome.  Go for the ‘Farmers Feast’ (two lamb sausages, two poached eggs, two rosemary sweet potato rostis, wilted spinach with one whole roasted truss tomato) or the ‘Waffle-n’ (sweet potato & buckwheat waffles, coconut candied bacon, vanilla bean coyo, banana, walnuts, blue berries & maple).  Out of this world.  Order now!



Bondi Harvest

Whenever we’re in Bondi Junction, you can be sure we’re sitting down to a meal here. Not only do we adore the seasonal, wholefoods approach fostered by the awesome chefs (the legendary Guy Turland and Mark Alston) but the food is really delicious. Choose from the daily selection of seasonal salads and add a protein of your choice. Or choose from the menu. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Highly recommended.

We’ve just heard they’ve opened up in Santa Monica, LA so we’ll be checking that out later this year when we’re there.  They do recipes online which we’ve spent many an hour in our kitchen perfecting.  I mean check this out for total yumminess: One Pot Coconut Roast Chicken or Salmon & Ginger Poke with Nori & Sesame Seed Wrap.  And this for breakfast ‘Gluten-free Granola Trifles’ and ‘Tri-Grain Hipster Salad’ WOW.  Mouth watering alert.



Kafein Balmain

This sweet café on Balmain’s bustling main strip serves traditional breakfast and lunch fare alongside healthy specials like acai green smoothie bowls, vegan tofu and tempeh salad and raw caramel slice made with coconut, cashew and cacao bits. They also brew Campos coffee, which is good for cold mornings, but if you really want to try something special and drink coffee, opt for the coffee tonic – cold-drip coffee mixed with tonic water and orange peel, served on ice. Delish.

Our top 3 dishes in this joint are: ‘Coconut Pancakes’ a festival of flavours & vanilla ice cream (we love vanilla ice cream); ‘Pulled Beef Potato Hash’  which is the most tenderly slow cooked beef ribs (a current addiction), peas, bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise.  Now that’s a breakfast for champions! Our third favourite is of course the ‘Vegan Smashed Avocado’ – Cashew sour cream, buckwheat, chilli & lemon on Gluten-Free toast. This one’s quality and super healthy too.




THR1VE is real food, real fast. A delicious menu of quality produce and proteins, locally and ethically sourced, always gluten free, and no added sugar. High performance nutrition so you look, feel, and perform at your best.

Their mission is to inspire and empower you to look, feel and perform your best, which is why their menu is full of ridiculously delicious and supremely healthy food, tailored to your unique needs and objectives.  The whole concept is well thought through, some good science backing it up and in integrated approach to wellness. We really like this concept and approach to wellness.

They have a few restaurants, only one of which we’ve tried. Everything on the menu is chef designed and nutritionist approved, always gluten free, with no added sugar. We loved the act that every single one of the dishes has its nutrition broken down. Its great knowing exactly what  you are consuming. And their menu changes seasonally and is pretty tasty too. We enjoyed the Teriyaki Salmon and brown rice on a bed of leafy greens.  Healthy full of good fats & Omega 3. Just what we like.

They recognise that many of their customers have specific functional objectives and may want to tweak macro and micro nutrient intake accordingly. So the focus is on high quality, locally sourced proteins, seasonal vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Aiming to minimise natural sugars, and use no processed sugars in any of their dishes. All signature smoothies can be ordered with or without natural sweeteners. They put YOU in control.

They also do home delivery and courses to get you on the right track.  We highly recommend this if you are serious about your fitness and getting into shape. These guys do it well.

Sydney-siders could rival any community in the world (even Tulum’s) for their love of avocados. But aside from that universally loved superfood, Sydney generally loves to eat well. There are amazing healthy eating options and juice joints all over the city and the choice is over-whelming. And did we mention the breakfasts here? OMG they are amazing.

Visit: thr1ve

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