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Stand aside, LA. Move over, New York and stand down London. The juice crown may just has to go to Sydney in the future if the pace of new juiceries popping up is anything to go by. What with all the runners, swimmers and general health fanatics teeming the streets of this sunny city, it’s only natural that juicing has taken off in a big way.

Juicing is essential to our energy levels and general well being, especially when living hectic urban lifestyles. We always recommend cold-pressed juices because they retain maximum nutrients and trace minerals. Try to get around three to four juices a week into your diet and drink through a straw to ensure you’re getting maximum benefit (without damaging your teeth!).

Here are a few of favourite Sydney spots for getting your juice on:

Smiths Organic Market

The newly opened Smiths Organic Market is a haven for organic foodies. The walls are bursting with fresh produce, but it’s the ‘Kalen Me Softly’ (excellent name) smoothie which is made from spinach, kale, mango, avocado, nut milk and hemp seeds that really took our fancy.

Visit: smithsorganicmarket

Sadhana Kitchen

Based in Enmore, the Sadhana boasts a variety of superfood and green smoothies. These powerful antioxidant tonics are rich in vitamins and minerals, cholesterol-free proteins and fibre boosters to promote digestion. Opt for the ‘Daily Green’ (celery, banana, mango and apple), or the ‘Smooth Criminal’ (cacao powder, chia, strawberry and banana) for juicing perfection.



About Life

About Life’s sugar-free smoothies are based with almond milk, with added superfoods such as acai, chia, cacao and chlorophyll. The ‘Rainbow Super-Smoothie‘ offers the ultimate health kick, containing vegan protein, LSA, chia, aloe vera, and maqui berry.

Visit: aboutlife

Earth to Table

Based in Bondi Junction, Earth to Table prides itself on raw, organic fare and has garnered a cult following amongst health food devotees and foodies alike. The ‘Give Me Power’ green smoothie will tantalise your taste buds, mixing seasonal greens and fruit to help kick-start your day.

Visit: earthtotable

The Health Emporium

Bondi’s award-winning organic grocer, The Health Emporium, is a sanctuary for fresh fruit and veg lovers. Take the stroll up Bondi Road and sample the revitalising green superfood smoothie, mixing organic spinach and avocado with coconut milk, spirulina, maca powder, mango and raw honey. You can almost feel it doing you good. 

Visit: healthemporium


Orchard Street Dispensary

This one-stop shop for organic, sustainable and Fair Trade produce, get to Orchard Street Dispensary in Bronte for your smoothie fix. The ‘Green Guru’ option offers a tasty mix of kale, banana, avocado, pear, milk thistle, chia seeds and probiotic super greens, whilst the ‘Cashew Chai’ blends cashew nuts with coconut butter, lucuma, spices and dates. Give their ‘Wild herb pesto zoodle’ a go too. Yum and so healthy.

Orchard St. is Australia’s only organic, environmentally conscious and holistic juice cleanse. All their juices are cold-pressed in a temperature controlled environment using simply the best locally sourced produce available and bottled in glass to maintain both nutrient profile and natural deliciousness. The taste speaks for itself.

Their Raw Food Meals and Treats, Herbal Teas, Elixirs and other Organic Products all stem from a Naturopathic passion to share the true experience of wellness using nature’s finest plant medicines. We particularly like their approach of realising the potential of food as medicine and seek to capture the essence of nature’s finest plant remedies. 

Visit: orchardstreetdispensary

Bondi Wholefoods

A local institution, the novel Bondi Wholefoods allows you to create your own smoothie with your choice of milk, fruit or veg and protein powder. Each smoothie is packed with superfoods including chia seeds, organic linseed, coconut oil and agave. 

Visit: bondiwholefoods

Whole Meal Cafe

At the Whole Meal Café in Darlinghurst, lovers of a good smoothie are spoilt for choice. Our picks include the ‘Orange Tang’ – made with fresh pineapple, orange, lemon and passion fruit, blended with alkaline water – and the ‘Green Power’ which combines pear, spinach, cucumber, avocado and almond meal, topped with cinnamon. YUM.

Visit: wholemealcafe

Pressed Juices

This place is in the pretty Surry Hills area. Promising to be ‘positively life changing‘, these smoothies will have you glowing from the inside out. Our favourites include the ‘Smooth Balance’ (coconut flesh, coconut water, banana and pomegranate) and the ‘Smooth Nourish’ (acai, almonds, dates, blackberry, cinnamon and vanilla bean).

Visit: pressedjuices

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