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We think that you should be able to help others at the same time as helping yourself.

That’s why we contribute to some amazing non-profit organisations who help people less fortunate than ourselves. In short, every time you invest in your own wellness, you invest in the future of others. It’s called paying it forward: it’s simple, beautiful and makes a meaningful change.

‘When someone does a good deed for you, instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else.’

Simply, it means doing something good after someone has been good to you. Taking that kindness and releasing it back out into the world. If someone pays your bus fare for you when you’ve left your wallet at home, you can contribute to the good of your fellow humans by carrying someone’s shopping home for them, for example. It’s the simplest purest, most beautiful philosophy and one that we, as a brand and as individuals, believe in wholeheartedly.

We are building a company that will pay forward 8% of our profits to non-profit organisations that we support because we believe in their amazing work. Through education, alleviating poverty and empowering entrepreneurs in communities less fortunate than ours, these organisations are making a real difference. Creating a meaningful change in the world, just as we hope to do.

Why 8%

Well, 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture because (八, BĀ) or “lucky” sounds like 發 (fa) which means “wealth”, “fortune” and “prosper” in Chinese. The Chinese LOVE the number 8 and use it at any opportunity. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics began at 8:08pm on 8/8/08. Hong Kong is one of Voyage & Soap’s favourite places (and kind of our spiritual home) so it felt right that we use a little Chinese luck to spread prosperity.

So what does this mean for you?

Whenever you engage with us, be it sharing our content through social media, downloading and using our app or subscribing to our products and services, you’re helping us positively impact others less fortunate who really need support. When you invest in your health and happiness via our platform, you’re also inspiring hope through our non-profit partnerships.

The first of our partnerships is with Snap Foundation who are dedicated to giving those that need a voice through photography; unlocking the creative potential of the next generation, one picture at a time.

What is Snap Foundation?

Snap was born from a love of the visual arts and a desire to give disadvantaged children in the Congo and South Africa a voice through photography. Using photography as a creative and educational tool to inspire and develop children, Snap reaches out to volunteer professional photographers, students and enthusiasts to harness their knowledge and skills to produce unique photography programmes for 10-16 year olds. All of the children taught in their programmes become part of the Snap network, enabling them to share their photos with each other and the world.

Get involved here.

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