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You’ve probably heard that the food & drink scene in New York is pretty special, but the health food scene is even better. These people know how to juice, put it that way. And so do we. Juicing is essential to our energy levels and general well-being, especially when living hectic urban lifestyles. We always recommend cold-pressed juices because they retain maximum nutrients and trace minerals. Try to get around three to four juices a week into your diet and sip through a straw to ensure you’re getting maximum benefit (without damaging your teeth!).

Here are a few of our favourite juice bars and healthy food pit stops in the city. We hope you find them as refreshing and filling as we did.

Pressed Juicery

With eight locations across New York, you can’t miss these guys. They know juice like nobody else. Pressed Juicery is definitely one of our go-to juice bars when we’re in town. The founders have one goal: to bring delicious, premium and nutritious juice to everyone. They stick to four rules that so many health and wellness companies forget: make it taste great, keep it simple, make it affordable, and make it for everyone.

Our favourites are: Greens 1.5, Matcha & Hemp, Coconut Cinnamon (so yummy and SO good for you) and the activated charcoal lemonade for when we’ve indulged in one too many Manhattan cocktails.


Whole Green

This wonderful hole in the wall is great value with no frills, no seating and no instagrammers. Just good nutritious bites and great juices and smoothies where you can custom blend your choice of ingredients. If you want to stay healthy and get quality on a budget, this is THE place to go.

Visit: WholeGreenNY

Juice Generation

Juice Generation is one of New York’s premiere juice bars. They’ve been independently owned and operated since 1999. Thousands of New Yorkers pour into their stores for their daily fix, from addictive juices and smoothies to fresh, ready-to-go meals. They’re part of a growing movement of people who believe, as we do, that healthy living can be accessible to everyone, and that the key to a sustainable lifestyle is good habits that stick.

They make it their priority to find the healthiest ingredients from the best sources. That means they choose locally grown, organic produce that helps support small farms and orchards and builds good environmental practices. It’s a great way to give back in ways that help surrounding communities thrive.

We love that, as part of their commitment to 1% for the Planet, they donate a portion of every single sale to causes they care about, including Harlem Grown and Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Part of the sale of every single juice, smoothie, or snack you buy at Juice Generation is going right back into the community.

When you go, please, please, please check out their Acai bowls, as they are to die for! Our favourite was the Almond Butter Bliss with coconut oil. With three central locations in Manhattan, you’re never too far away from this great wellness institution.


Pulp Juice

Their focus is simple: healthy convenience. They want to make your desire to live a healthy lifestyle a convenient reality. PULP JUICE & KITCHEN is a small, mostly organic juice bar that carefully crafts cold pressed juices. Along with their juices, they have healthy vegan food and fresh smoothies; you can shop in store and even online for immediate or scheduled delivery. Pulp want to supply a healthy lifestyle to everyone with an emphasis on juice. We like adding their turmeric shot to every juice we’ve had here.


The Butcher’s Daughter

New York is extremely fortunate to have two outposts of this amazing vegetarian café-come-juicery: one in Nolita and the other in the West Village on Hudson. At The Butcher’s Daughter, they like to treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat: chopping, filleting and carving fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and pressing them into pretty juices. They take pride in their menu (which changes daily), which is 100% vegetarian and non-dairy.

Most of their food is vegan-friendly and gluten-free and they’re very good at accommodating most dietary requests. They even have a resident ‘juiceologist’! We’re fans of the one on Abbot Kinney in Venice (LA), so when we got a chance to visit the one in the West Village we were happy. This one is a little cosier than its Californian cousin and definitely has a New York-y vibe, though just as much love has gone into creating an inviting space, with contrasting earthy materials against industrial design quirks. Great for veggies and non-veggies, we had the smashed avocado and it hot the spot.


The Juice Shop

Born from a commitment to producing the freshest foods and juices, The Juice Shop Kitchen and Juicery takes juicing and healthy eating to new and fun wellness levels. Their vision is to educate, excite your taste buds and enhance your well-being using only the healthiest ingredients. Priding themselves on freshness, these guys deliver on a promise to make unpasteurised juices with no preservatives that are both affordable and delicious. This place is more than just juice, it’s a feeding frenzy for your senses, an edible lifestyle lift and an energy revitalisation that your body demands. Like they say, don’t trust just any juice.

We came here to check out their juices – which are great – but it was their menu for healthy snacks and bowls that totally blew us away. We went back a few times to try some of their dishes out and, trust us, they are yummy. We found their roasted cauliflower particularly tantalising – so much so that we even make something similar at home. The raw pad Thai is so nutritious, tasty and filling, as was the quinoa with cranberries. We have an addiction to Tabasco though and will admit to pouring that over every dish (but maybe that’s just us).


Oasis Jimma Juice Bar

This juice joint up in Harlem is a real gem and worth a visit. Simpler than some of the other recommendations in our guide, their story starts in Ethiopia where founder Abdulsalam grew up working in his father’s clinic, treating patients homoeopathically with roots and herbs from their family farm. After political turmoil broke out in his hometown of Jimma, Abdulsalam fled to Kenya.

Shortly after arriving in America, Abdulsalam rediscovered the passion he’d found while working at his father’s clinic. He opened Oasis Jimma Juice Bar in Harlem and, today, people from near and far travel the byways of New York City to visit this place. We love their ‘Smoothies in Heaven’ with turmeric root and cashew seeds – a real treat after a few days of ‘doing’ New York.


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