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Welcome to Voyage & Soap, a pioneering platform to inspire you to be happier and healthier, which we believe is essential for success.

We believe everyone should feel happy and valued at work. Research shows that the happier you are at work, the better you perform. We want to unlock your potential, inspire you, help you unplug and unwind, with mindfulness training that fits neatly into your busy work-life and is designed to be quick, habit-forming and easy to use. Making you feel happier and helping you succeed.

We know what works when it comes to unlocking the talent + energy in your people, whilst building thriving cultures that encourage creativity and innovation, encouraging your people to bring their best self to work. We’re on a mission to help individuals and companies improve their wellbeing and performance by unlocking this potential, with bite-sized mindfulness training, wellness inspiration, coaching and consulting services to guide, inspire and help you rediscover yourself wherever you are.

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About Dimple Sthankiya, Founder Voyage & Soap

So what qualifies me to talk about wellness and human performance? Well, over the past 20 years, I’ve trained with some of the most esteemed and accomplished yoga and meditation masters (I’m a Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 hours yoga instructor and meditation teacher), and worked as a coach with thousands of clients ranging from CEOs, A-list celebrities to politicians and athletes. It’s a portfolio full of businesses and people at the top of their game wanting to take things to the next level.

During my 20+ years in the consulting and business world I have specialised in the arena of innovation around human performance, behavioural / culture change and leadership development. It is this kind of exposure that has thoroughly tuned me into my fellow human being and taught me what really works. The biggest lesson I have learned is that most people choose success at work, thinking that will make them happy. The truth is that happiness at work will make you successful.

In addition to practicing daily yoga and meditation, I have undertaken numerous short and long term silent meditation and yoga retreats and challenged myself on various processes to better understand myself and the human psyche.

I’m a 2004 graduate of The Hoffman Process (an intense, condensed experiential programme that can speed up the healing journey) that helps you work out who you really are, freeing your mind up so that it can make conscious choices that improve your relationships with those around you. To find out more about The Hoffman Process read this article, it sums it up pretty well: The Hoffman Process

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

Dimple Sthankiya

Quite simply, I believe we travel because we need to. Life isn’t designed to be lived from the sidelines so it seems fairly crucial that we regularly pack our bags and go see what’s outside of our front door. Home is still home when we return, but something in our mind, heart and soul has changed immeasurably. Curiosity is something that courses through my veins, ever since my first trip to India at six-years-old where I experienced a complete contrast to my life in England. My young self ate food that was impossibly exotic, wore outrageous clothes in exciting colours and saw people singing and dancing more. It was intoxicating and liberating all at once. I saw people living more adventurously and enjoying a more vibrant texture to life that I perhaps hadn’t seen as much at home in England.

Since then, I have dedicated my professional and personal life to the search for adventure and peace, in equal measure. Having lived and worked across five continents, I’ve tasted all sorts of cultures and customs, revelled in wild sensory experiences and stockpiled my confidence to bolster my wellness. I have long believed that travel is a sort of secret elixir that unlocks creativity and I always feel at my most capable when freshly returned from a trip. Travel inspires me to discard the ordinary and seek out the extraordinary.

There is a strength you gain from travel and engaging with new people that really has no rival; even when backpacking aged 19 through South-East Asia, when it was all tuk-tuks and plenty of poverty, a friend and I were welcomed with friendly faces and heart-warming hospitality wherever we went. It was one of the purest examples of true ‘wellness’ that I’ve ever experienced and I knew that, whatever it was that I was feeling, I wanted to feel it all the time.

Why do we exist?

In a nutshell, we believe that everyone should feel happy and valued at work and given our obsession with wellness and travel, we wanted to create a hub for the best wellness-travel ideas and experts, healthy food & drink recommendations, and mindfulness tools that really do work. We want to be the favourite site for those that believe that health really does equal wealth. We want to enrich your life. We want to inspire you. We want you to be happy, vibrant and succeed in everything you put your mind to.

We want to become your go-to place for wellness inspiration and where you turn to when your list of life goals needs a little update. We always trust our friends’ recommendations, so think of this as one, big circle of like-minded people chatting about which Boot Camp really blew their minds on their last trip to New York or which healer was the absolute bee’s knees in Tulum. Just good advice from enthusiastic people, with mindfulness at its heart.

We’re all about accessible, simple ideas that will help centre you and take the way you connect with life and others to new heights. We want to help you build on a healthy habit and make wellness an easy, everyday activity. Our content is designed to become something you can’t – and won’t want to – live without.

Being good at what you do is easy, but being awesome takes practice. And we’ve been practicing.

Of course, we’re nothing without word of mouth and public endorsement. If you love what we’re doing and have friends that would like it too, please spread the word.

“I try to push the way I live my life from ordinary to extraordinary, be that the places I go, the way that I think or the way I connect with myself and those around me. Voyage & Soap was created with one simple goal: to curate the world’s finest wellness practices and travel ideas for those who are well-travelled and health conscious.”


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